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jDESIGNER is a stand-alone application, intended to be used by system designers, developers and jPALIO platform administrators for application development and prototyping.


Application can be run using Java Web Start technology (JNLP files) or directly after downloading ZIP archive.


The most common and easiest way - if you are always connected to internet - is to run jDESIGNER clicking link jDESIGNER next to selected instance in jPALIO administration panel of server which you are working on. This will start exact version appropriete for you jPALIO server version.


You can also start jDESIGNER clicking subpage Start / Download. To connect with desired server, choose jDESIGNER version which is suitable for your jPALIO server's version. You can check version of server you are working with by right-clicking on chosen server in session management dialog and selecting Refresh information about server. After short communication, version number should appear in brackets next to the server name.

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