jPALIO Technology News
13-09-2010 -
jPALIO Framework 7.4 a short description - try, some times you can find some thing interesting even in a manual....Read more ...
27-02-2010 -
New version of Eclipse plug-in available (2.5.0)Read more ...
27-11-2009 -
New version of Eclipse plug-in available (2.4.0)Read more ...
27-10-2009 -
There is a new update of Plug-in for Eclipse 2.0.0Read more ...
jPALIO Platform
The jPALIO Platform (java Portal ALl In One) is a universal, intelligent servlet, but it is also a universal data bus and an extremely versatile environment for prototyping, designing and implementing business processes within virtually any known and recognised IT environment. jPALIO can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other systems or solution due to a wide array of communication connectors available (databases, TCP/IP, XML, XBRL, LDAP, java components). The jPALIO platform has been designed and built in a 3-layer architecture.

jDesigner is a stand-alone application, intended to be used by system designers, developers and jPALIO platform administrators for application development and prototyping.

jPALIO Eclipse Plug-in brings major jDesigner's features to the most popular and versatile Java oriented integrated development environment. Supported features are focused on application code development (leaving administration tasks to jDesigner).

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