Plug-in for Eclipse 2.4.0

  • Code completion and refactorization in Groovy editor
  • Advanced patch creator (with drag & drop)
  • Instant refreshing of changes applied by another users
  • Saving information about last connections
  • Connections with jPALIO context (jPALIO + Tomcat configuration)
  • Handling objects compatibility flag

Plug'in for Eclipsa 2.5.0

  • Completed help documents
  • Management of global parameters
  • Quick insertion of references to objects/pages/privileges/parameters, etc. into edited object (jPALIO context menu over the editor)

Plug-in for Eclipse 2.3.0

Objects state legend:

  • Color green, font bold - object you are editing
  • Color blue, font bold - object edited by another user
  • Color red, font bold - object edited by several users
  • Color green, font italic - object saved by you in last 15 minutes
  • Color blue, font italic - object saved by another user in last 15 minutes
  • Color black - no activity

Object can be present by font bold and italic at the same time. This means, that object has been recently saved and it's again in edition.  Conflicts should be resolved by quick contact with user, that started edition. You can check any time in a tooltip over an object, which user has last saved the object and all the users currently editing the object.

Plug-in for Eclipsa 2.2.1

  • Remote code execution console
  • Remote compilation / compilation errors presentation
  • Possibility to switch into offline mode

Plug-in for Eclipse 2.0.0

  • Syntax highlight for Groovy
  • Adding multimedia objects by drag & drop files from system explorer
  • Quick jump to element of any type (keyboard shortcut: CTRL-SHIFT-P)
  • Autoindentation / highlightning of paired brackets

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