Eclipse Plug-in major features:


  • Management of full portal structure (folders, pages, objects, multimedia objects, priviledges, global parameters, etc.)
  • Adding multimedia objects by drag & drop files from system explorer
  • Automatic instant refreshment of changes made by another users (includes jPALIO DESIGNER users)
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML / JavaScript / CSS / jPALIO Classic / jPALIO Super / Java / Groovy
  • Multiple users development support - highlight of objects currently edited (or recently edited) by other users
  • Code completion and refactorization in Groovy editor
  • Advanced patch creator (drag & drog support)
  • Finding objects with text
  • Remote code execution
  • Remote compilation / presenting compilation errors
  • Possibility to switch into offline mode
  • Saving information about last connections
  • Quick jump to element of any type (keyboard shortcut: CTRL-SHIFT-P)
  • Autoindentation / highlightning of paired brackets
  • Quick insertion of references to objects/pages/privileges/parameters, etc. into edited object (jPALIO context menu over the editor)


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