technology for export

The jPALIO technology USA first steps has been made.

Polish Silicon Bridge was a governmental program aimed at the acceleration of Polish hi-tech companies through support for their expansion into the US market. It is co-founded by the European Union.


The first and pilot edition of the Silicon Bridge has been implemented in 2014. The experience gained will be used in future editions of the program targeted at other American innovation hubs (such as Chicago) and other countries (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Israel, Singapore, Scandinavian countries) - leaders of new technology industries.


The value of program is based on the knowledge and experience of experts providing training, consulting and mentoring services. The experts involved in the program work for leading accelerator centers in the Silicon Valley.


From our side the jPALIO technology will be promoted by  jPBS sp. z o. o.

..."The Goal of jPALIO Business Solutions is to deliver consulting and Information Technology projects. The IT projects are delivered based on the jPALIO technology platform for a variety of large clients operating in different sectors (e. g. administration, aviation, telecommunication, media, education, retail). jPBS delivers the following types of projects & services: • Advisory and consulting projects: analysis, design and optimization of business processes, • Design and development of IT solutions serving the specific needs of our clients, • Integration projects: "binding" our own and 3rd-party solutions with systems owned & run by clients, • Maintenance and continuous enhancement of IT systems."...


..."US Market strategy: • IT startups focused on WEB-based applications, • IT startups in the pre-evolve stage, • IT startups focused on hardware development solutions where a GUI embedded interface is required, • up to dozens but no less than 3 programmers-based IT startups using jPALIO in SAAS model (e. g. "pay as you go" having great ideas but no cash for IBM or ORACLE from the beginning – just to be able to scale their business if succeed). Business model: • jPALIO licenses, • jPALIO trainings, • jPALIO staff outsourcing, • revitalization of huge IT integration projects especially where IBM zSeries WebSphere or BEA or ORACLE App have been used, • jPALIO driven dedicated business solutions, • jPALIO OEM products."...