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Electronic Document Workflow System - EDOX™


Edox is a system prepared for the implementation of electronic document flow everywhere a paper documents are still in use. The aim of the system implementation is to support, and ultimately to replace the circulation of documents realized in paper form or via electronic mail.

The introduction of EDOX electronic document flow brings a number of benefits:

  • Organizing the management of documentation
  • Storing subsequent versions of documentation in one place
  • Preventing the loss (loss) of documents
  • Processing and presenting various types of documents in a uniform manner
  • Automating the most repetitive and time-consuming activities
  • Monitoring the processing time of documents
  • Improving the timeliness of settling matters
  • Implementing the statutory obligation to handle documents in electronic form
  • Reducing the number of mistakes thanks to the possibility of establishing a preliminary RWA based assignment

Case entered into the EDOX system

Using the unique jPALIO technology to design an EDOX system brings the following advantages:

1. Very simple system support. Any web browser is sufficient for communication with the user.

2. Easy and fast customization thanks to high flexibility and advanced system architecture. You can change document workflow paths from the user interface.

3. Easy integration with other systems thanks to the use of available JDBC/ODBC, LDAP, TCP/IP, XML connectors. There is also the possibility of extending the system with a connector of any protocol, performing file exchange with external systems and user authorization using the LDAP database.

4. Additional functionalities. In addition to basic functionality, the EDOX system allows you to plan tasks and reserve resources in your personal calendar, support replacements (transfer of all rights and visibility of your documents in the system) and additional registers and support for templates.