Integrated Management of a Telecommunications Company - UNIBOX™

UNIBOX - Integrated Management of a Telecommunications Company

UNIBOX  is a result of over seven years of  experience in the development of IT solutions for the dominant Polish operator (Telekomunikacja Polska SA). The first version of UNIBOX was used to sell a wide portfolio of internet services and it was tested, with great results, on 3 000 000 customers and 8 000 000 subscriber lines.


The UNIBOX system manages telecom companies in an integrated fashion. UNIBOX covers wide spectrum of business activities:


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales of services
  • Devices management
  • Billing, payments and settlements


Due to the flexibility of UNIBOX it is possible to customise the solution to virtually any size/scale of telecommunication operations.


Unibox is composed of set of modules that are responsible for following functionalities :

  • CRM and customer order management
  • Outoging and incoming correspondence service
  • Self-care customer pannel
  • Product directory - defines services, products, promotions, offers and their mutual relationships
  • Business process management - module defines and manages business processes executed in a company
  • Document management - manages documents that are issued or received by a company
  • Register and management of telecomunication devices
  • Billing, payments and settlements for customers
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Application creator - manages application configuration